Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Why haven't you heard about THIS papal quote?"

Phil Lawler ponders why the condom quote was the one that got the most media attention.
If you want to drum up controversy on the basis of one quote pulled out of the Pope's book-length interview Light of the World, how about this one, found on page 152:
Homosexuality is incompatible with the priestly vocation.
Unlike the now-famous quotation about condom use, this sentence isn't pulled out of context. The Pope isn't merely speculating. He isn't raising a possible objection or exception to his own argument. His point is clear.

Read more at the Catholic Culture website.


  1. Hi. I just want to point out that at Amazon.com the Pope's book, Light of the World, is listed as taking 2 to 3 weeks to deliver. I find this very odd and even complained to Amazon about this. When I checked other sources such as Barnes and Noble or the publisher, Ignatius Press, it says the book is in stock. When I called Amazon they said the book had to be special ordered because there was very little demand for it. I can't imagine how this can be true. Maybe because people see that it has a 2-3 week delivery time and they decide to purchase it somewhere else. But Amazon is probably the biggest bookseller in the US, so what gives?

  2. Hi Michael! We've been in contact with Amazon about this issue, which is rather puzzling given that stock is available.

    The last we heard from them was that the issue should be resolved shortly.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I'm glad to hear that the issue is being addressed officially with Amazon. This is "puzzling" indeed.

    I went ahead and ordered the Pope's book from Amazon anyway a few days ago. I thought that the 2-3 weeks delivery must be a mistake. But I found out that it is very real. I still have my order in with them. I'll let you know when they actually ship the book which would indicate that the problem has indeed been resolved.

    Amazon does have "Light of the World" available as a Kindle download. But that is no substitute for the actual hardcopy version. BTW, the current sales ranking of "Light of the World" on Amazon is #201. I assume that is based on Kindle sales. Just think where it would be if they were also shipping the real hardcopy version!