Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amy Welborn's Quick Takes on Light of the World

Author, blogger, and speaker Amy Welborn has been on the road, publishing "short takes" on Light of the World at her blog, Charlotte was Both. She's up to #4, and each entry is worth reflecting on.

From Quick Take #1:
As I said last week, what I found most compelling about this book was not what the Pope has said about this or that issue but his articulation of his spiritual life.  It is a thread running throughout the entire interview...
From Quick Take #2

...the whole section on the abuse crisis is very important.  He never hesitates to call it what it is  – sin, filth, evil, destruction. And he never blames any force or institution outside of the Church...
 From Quick Take #3
There is grumbling here and there about the existence of this interview as well as anyone’s interest in it.  It confuses things, it’s overreach, the Pope’s personal views on all of these issues are really unimportant, and the Vatican PR office is clearly not up to the task of heading off controversy or quickly dealing with ambiguity.
From Quick Take #4

Pope Benedict is often accused of being unduly fixated on Europe, ignoring the vitality of the Church in the rest of the world. That accusation won’t stick anymore.  He affirms the importance of reviving Catholicism in Europe, certainly, but frequently points to what he has experienced on his trips, and the life which he has seen.
 Read them all at her blog.

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