Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Select English Language Bibliography for Understanding the Benedict XVI/Condom Debate

Joe Trabbic has assembled a useful list that gives background to the debate about condom use, and the Pope's comments in Light of the World:
This is a very select (i.e., incomplete) bibliography, arranged in chronological order, to help those interested in understanding the Benedict XVI/condom debate, which, despite the note issued yesterday by the Holy Office, may still (for better or worse) have life left in it.

Not all the entries deal directly with the condom debate itself. Some provide the theoretical context, not always made explicit, in which much of the debate has been carried out. And not all the contributions are of equal quality.

I have also constructed the bibliography in such a way that readers will get a sense of some of the debate's historical development. The Pope's remarks in Light of the World only brought into a broader public view a debate that has been going on for a number of years among Catholic moral philosophers and theologians.


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